Правила оплаты и безопасность платежей, конфиденциальность информации

Payment by bank cards is carried out by ALFA –BANK.

We accept cards for payment MIR.

Payment service via internet is carried out according to Rules of International Payment Systems VISA, MasterCard and payment system MIR based on confidentiality and security principles of transactions, for what the most modern ways of checking are used, encryption and data transfer via closed communication channels. Bank cards data input is being made at the secured payment site by ALFA–BANK.

At this site for bank cards data input you need to enter bank card data: card number, name of the owner of bank card, bank card validity, three-digit security code (Code of Additional Identification for MIR). All necessary data are printed at the bank card. Three-digit security code are three digits, printed out at the back side of your bank card.

Further you will be redirected at the site of your Bank for entering bank card security code, that you receive by SMS. If you don’t receive the security code by SMS, you should appeal to your Bank where you have received the bank card.

In case of refusals via payments by cards:

  1. Bank card is not intended for payment via Internet, you can get to know about it by application to your Bank
  2. Insufficient funds for payment by bank card. More detailed information about your account balance by bank card you can get by application to your Bank where bank card was issued
  3. Bank card data were entered incorrectly
  4. Date of bank card validity has been expired. Date of bank card validity is usually put on the front side of the card (month and year, till which the card is valid). More detailed information about your bank card validity you can get by application to your Bank where bank card was issued

If you have questions referred payments by your bank card and the other questions, referred to website functioning you can contact following phone numbers: +7 (495) 980-07-09.

Personal information provided by you (name, address, phone number, e-mail, bank card number) is confidential and is not subject for disclosure. Data of your credit card are transmitted in encrypted form only and are not saved at our web-server.

Rules of purchase returns:

Via cards transfers the refunds by cash are not allowed. Funds returns are regulated by Rules of International Payment Systems.

For funds return on your bank card you need to fill in “Application for funds return” that is sent by Company to given e-mail address by request and is accompanied by passport copy at e-mail: office@utg-express.ru

Funds return will be made to your bank card within 10 ( ten) working days starting from receipt of your “Application for funds return” by Company.

For funds returns by transactions made with mistakes you should appeal with written order accompanied with passport copy and checks/receipts, confirmed the funds was written off mistakenly. You should send this Application by e-mail: office@utg-express.ru

Amount refunds will equal purchase amount. Your Application acceptance and process of funds return starts from the date of Companies’ Application receipt and is calculated by working days excluding holidays and weekends.

Contact information:

Company nameJSC UTG-Express
Legal and postal address117593, Moscow, Aivazovskogo 1A
TAX/KPP 7728631614 / 772801001
OGRN1077759722919 от 04.09.2007 г.
Phone+7 (495) 980-07-09
Fax+7 (495) 980-07-09